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Jasper is an outdoor wonderland for those who appreciate nature.  There are numerous hiking trails radiating from the town-site; the closest trailhead from Raven House is only a couple minutes walk away.  Much of Jasper's beautiful scenery can also be seen from your vehicle or tour-bus. 



Jasper as seen from the Whistler Mountain Tramway
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Whiskey Jack at the Bald Hills, Maligne Lake
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Jasper is also a great location for many other outdoor activities, including road and mountain cycling, canoeing, white water rafting, fishing, mountain climbing, trail running, horseback riding etc.  Afterwards you can relax at one of several lakeside beaches or make use of the public swimming pool (only five minutes walk from Raven House).


Rocky Mountain sheep at Ft. Point 2km from Jasper
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Mountain biking near Jasper townsite
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There are many local businesses providing guiding and/or equipment rentals for the above activities.  Your hosts have extensive knowledge about most of the above and will be happy to provide their advice should you need it.  In the evening Jasper has many fine, reasonably priced restaurants, all within walking distance from Raven House.


Canoeing on the Athabasca River 8km from Raven House
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Skating on Pyramid Lake
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During your stay, you may encounter some of the park's abundant wildlife, including grizzly and black bears, wolves, cougars, deer, elk, moose, mountain sheep and mountain goats.  There are many species of birds such as humming birds, golden eagles, ospreys, several different types of owls etc.  Many of these animals can be found along the highway or on trails around the town.

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